By Shane Spencer | 07 Aug 2019

How to check NOTAMS quickly with alerts


The skybook airline and aviation software is a solution that is proven to reduce flight dispatcher and pilot workloads thanks to a suite of modules that have all been engineered to help operators work smarter-not harder.

Driven by the very latest technology, skybook is the most complete solution on the market today featuring flight dispatch, crew briefing, airfield watchflight tracking, NOTAM manager and our multiple award winning Electronic Flight Bag / Electronic Flight Folder platform.

Class leading global data sets are the driving force behind our skybook suite as our clients are able to access all vital information required for each and every sector at the touch of a button, all in a single web portal and all tailored to match the requirements of each operator.

notam alerts and email notifications using skybook

Use skybook's NOTAM alerts software

So, what sets skybook apart from other systems proclaiming to deliver similar functionality? In short, skybook's ability to automatically ingest, review, filter out and present information of most importance and relevance to flight operations and dispatch teams, flight tracking teams, ground handlers and not forgetting of course aircrews.

If you don't need to see it, it won't be included. If you do need to see it, the information will be highly visible within all applicable modules and briefing packs and will be weighted to ensure any emerging NOTAM problems for example, are actively highlighted in real time via a series of NOTAM alerts based on the unique minima criteria set by each operator.

Automated flight data & NOTAM management

As a company, we like to think we've got a good handle on the latest trends and challenges across the industry and we work very closely with our clients, so it'll come as no surprise that we are very aware of the ongoing NOTAM debate and the challenges this presents to operators and aircrews alike.

With this in mind, we'll use NOTAM software as a case study for the real-world improvements that skybook can deliver for any operator regardless of size and aviation sector.

If you're still using paper based or even a PDF based briefing solution, how long does it take or how many pages do you have to work through in order to find a problem NOTAM alert?

Taking it a stage further, how easily can you identify emerging airport or FIR issues in your Electronic Flight Bag or Electronic Flight Folder?

With skybook, the answer is seconds.

You won't be flicking or scrolling page upon page of airport or FIR data hunting for potential problems as skynook will automatically identify and highlight them for you throughout relevant areas of the pack.

There's no need to gauge the potential severity of a NOTAM alert either. As again, skybook will do that for you based on operator specific criteria applied within settings which generates coloured alerts against each NOTAM.

notam data exclusions on efb

NOTAM exclusion rules

In skybook, operators can apply both inclusion and exclusion rules to ensure that the most current and important NOTAMs are included in sector briefings based on qcodes, operational criteria and time frames.

For example, an operator may want to exclude NOTAM alerts around issues like basic airfield maintenance and grass cutting or based on time periods before/after a flight to ensure that focus remains on more important information that crew need to be made aware of that could directly impact on the flight.

As with all of skybook, our filter process is fully configurable by each operator.

Aircrews can drill down even further into our NOTAM software within the Electronic Flight Bag app by filtering the time frame, level of severity and by using the search functions within Airfield and FIR briefing sections. 

We have even worked to ensure that the information is accessible should you not be online when an alert is generated as email alerts can be created ensuring critical NOTAM information gets through to those who need it even if they are not logged into skybook at the time.

Streamlining flight operations process

The proven impact of NOTAM management and alerting throughout skybook is just one aspect that helps to deliver massive operational improvements across the organisation and helps to save time and reduce workloads by ensuring the information is right where you need it to be without having to search for it.

Don't just take our word for it though as our clients will happily share their experiences of using skybook and the impact it has made.

If you want to know more about how skybook can help improve your flight dispatch, weather & NOTAM watching or EFB flight briefing process, get in touch.


By Shane Spencer | 07 Aug 2019

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