By Dan Cook | 15 May 2023

What is an electronic flight folder?

An Electronic Flight Folder is a visual collection of pre-flight briefing data that is updatable and forms the basis of the pilots digital briefing pack on their EFB device. 

The EFF consists of data such as operational flight plans, weather & NOTAMs, weather charts, airfield data, ETOPs and more. All this data is automatically collated into an eff file and integrated onto an EFB app.

Electronic flight folders contain near real-time data, that is commonly used and integrated within electronic flight bags (EFB), via an iPad or tablet device.

Some Electronic flight folders also contain the ability to input journey log data, such as fuel, delays and waypoint information from pre-flight through to post-flight.

Example of electronic flight folder data

Here are some examples of what is typically included in our skybook Electronic flight folder briefing packs:

The OFP (operational flight plan) is shown as a structured text file on most EFB devices. Exclusively on skybook EFB it is available as an interactive digital flight briefing.

ofp data on electronic flight folder

Digital weather charts in the flight briefing pack include (but not limited to):

      • Route plot charts
      • Upper wing & temp route
      • Significant weather charts
      • Vertical profile charts
      • Turbulence route charts
      • Satellite Infrared charts

 upper wind and temperature flight chart  

NOTAM data within an EFF. This NOTAM data is automatically filtered and can be searched or selected in order of importance.

notam data on electronic flight folder app 

Airfield or Airport data, including METAR, TAF and FAA NOTAMs are included for all departure, destination and alternate routes.

airfield or airport weather and notam data 

Instantly refresh EFF data

All of the Electronic Flight Folder data is contained within an EFF file format which can be shared between multiple EFB devices or sent to external sources. This means pilots can easily exchange briefing data between flight crew members.

The EFF file automatically updates when the briefing pack is refreshed. So rather than a briefing pack expiring and pilots having to request a new one, the skybook EFB solution allows pilots to instantly refresh the electronic flight folder data, to receive up-to-date flight briefing information.


Ground communication with pilots

If there has been a significant update to the crew briefing, such as the dispatcher or ground teams being alerted to a new critical NOTAM; they can quickly send an instant message alert to the pilot’s EFB application, making them aware of the change to the EFF briefing.


Syncing EFF data post-flight

Once the pilot or first officer has signed off the flight they can easily transfer the completed electronic flight folder data, by syncing from the EFB device to a ground portal system. 

The electronic flight folder data containing the briefing information can then be stored digitally for reviewing and auditing. The journey log information on the EFB can also be used in flight data analysis to compare aircraft fuel usage, delays, on-time performance and more.

post flight data storage and ofp analysis

The benefits of an electronic flight folder

      • Access to Real-time flight briefing information
      • Accurate flight data, reduces planning & briefing time
      • Automates data collection from multiple sources removing manual processes
      • Massive reduction in paper and printing
      • Easily sharable information to other crew and departments
      • Post-flight storage, auditing & analysis of EFF data
      • Better compliance and auditing capability

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By Dan Cook | 15 May 2023

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