Flydubai Case Study

flydubai streamline their flight dispatch process

Dubai-based flydubai are at the forefront of removing the travel barriers by enhancing connectivity between different cultures across its ever-expanding network.

The brief

To streamline the Flight Dispatch process making it more efficient and to remove the reliance on paper based briefing packs by moving to a fully digital crew briefing platform via an accredited EFB solution.

Our early conversations with flydubai helped us to understand how resource intensive the preparation for each flight was as automation didn’t feature at all at this stage. This manual approach could lead to inconsistencies, was very time consuming and increased the chances of errors occurring due to the amount of manual labour involved.

Making the jump to skybook has helped to greatly modernise and improve the flight dispatch process through automation and smart system integration. Preparation for each flight is now far more efficient and consistent and the briefing packs are now accessible via flydubai’s EFB devices thanks to the supporting skybook Electronic Flight Bag which has helped make the whole process paperless.

Removing paper from the briefing process has made a significant impact on its own, saving on printing, paper usage, reducing weight on each flight and making a positive impact on their carbon footprint.

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Commenting on the project, Paul Smylie, Senior Manager, Flight Operations at flydubai, said, “We chose skybook as a digital briefing solution not only due to the capabilities of the system, but as a result of the willingness of Bytron to continue to develop the product in line with industry best practice. The highly configurable solution provides a useful tool for our pilots, as well as for our Flight Operations and Network Control teams. We look forward to working with the Bytron team on further developments going forward.“


Introducing an all new system to any organisation is a real challenge, especially an organisation in the aviation industry where there is no way of stopping the wheels from turning while you switch from one system to another.

This is why we worked closely with flydubai to not only understand and develop their system requirements but to also create a project timeline that helped us deliver skybook in a phased approach which helped us to deliver each aspect of skybook and train users accordingly, minimising disruption as best we could throughout the project.

skybook was engineered to meet the exacting requirements of flydubai and once the Ground Portal modules were firmly in place, we fully supported flydubai as they worked to gain EFB accreditation to finally switch across to fully digital flight crew briefing and journey logging.

This helped us to break down the implementation into manageable chunks and also helped ensure each module was fully tested and signed off before going live.

Our experience helped to deliver flydubai’s requirements and we can do the same for you.

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Working with flydudai to implement skybook has been an exciting process, and we are very much looking forward to a long lasting relationship...

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