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Bees Airline is a new and exciting Ukranian low-cost carrier airline that is one of the latest to integrate skybook flight dispatch software as their...

Bees Airline in Ukraine choose skybook flight dispatch software
Case Studies

Bees Airline chooses our flight dispatch software

By Dan Cook | 26 Oct 2021

The dark art of managing NOTAMs Bytron's AIS Officer and former airline pilot Rod Tinnion shares his thought on the management of NOTAMs. The subject...

Pilots managing NOTAM documents
Product News

The dark art of managing NOTAMs

By Rod | 06 Jul 2020

Keeping track of the weather - one of the single most challenging factors in aviation operations across the globe. We know how vital it is for our clients...

A female and two male flight dispatchers are sat in front of monitors tracking flights and weather conditions.
Product News

Flight dispatchers track smarter with Airfield Watch

By | 30 May 2019

skybook already goes above and beyond what is traditionally thought of as a flight dispatch and crew briefing system.  It can be purchased as a complete...

Image shows two airline pilots reading paper based flight documents and making notes before departure.
Product News

NOTAM warnings... our latest update is available

By James | 21 Jun 2017

There is an ongoing debate between our team regarding the use of the terms ‘aircraft turnround’ or ‘aircraft turnaround’ to describe...

This image shows an aircraft turnround process before departure
Company News

Aircraft Turnaround or Aircraft Turnround?

By Shane Spencer | 29 Jul 2015

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