By Dan Cook | 18 Jan 2022

Flybe chooses our EFB for airlines & flight dispatch solution


Flybe has selected Bytron Aviation Systems as their digital airline operations solution. 

Our web-based skybook aviation software and EFB app will support Flybe’s flight dispatch and flight operations team.

Whilst the electronic flight bag app will massively aid the airline and the pilots flying their growing fleet of low emission Dash 8-400 aircraft. efb for airlines

Streamlining the flight briefing...

Our EFB for airlines will provide a streamlined and integrated flight briefing process and aircraft journey log for their pre-flight, en route and post flight data.

Trusted by many prominent airline companies around the world, we provide our aviation software package and impressive modules to improve flight dispatch operations and digitally transform airlines.  

Here’s a few things that implementing our skybook aviation software will help Flybe to achieve:

      • Reduced workloads and efficiency

      • Paperless airline operations

      • Instant updates for improved decision making

      • Quick access to NOTAM, METAR & TAF

      • Tailored & detailed flight crew briefings

      • Improved communication to pilots on flight deck

      • Efficient flight data capture


Edward Pomfrett, Flight Operations Systems Engineer had to say:

“Flybe is looking forward to restarting operations with Bytron’s skybook platform at the heart of our flight deck systems. We have committed to breaking with the expensive, unsustainable paper-based systems of the past and moving to a fully paperless flight deck.

Having considered the offerings from a variety of vendors, skybook was our clear favourite, as it met our requirements and also allowed for quick integration with our existing AIMS and PPS platforms.

Throughout the setup, the support from our account managers at Bytron has been excellent. They have helped us to overcome numerous challenges and setup a fully integrated EFF system in a matter of weeks. This is now delivering immediate cost and resource savings to the business.

Over the longer-term, the wealth of data from skybook will also greatly enhance our business insight and commercial strategy.“ 

Shane Spencer, Chief executive officer at Bytron Aviation Systems added:

“We are delighted that Flybe chose to onboard as a skybook customer. It is fantastic to hear that they are already seeing the benefits of our aviation software and embracing a more digital workflow. We look forward to our ongoing relationship and bringing more efficiencies in the future.“

This deal supports the development of the airline as it launched in early 2022. 

The aviation software roadmap

At Bytron Aviation Systems we have some exciting new skybook modules like the Reporting & Analytics, which analyses inputted EFB flight data such as an airlines on-time performance and delay codes.

Also the Document Management Library which is perfect for accessing and annotating aircraft manuals on the EFB. We can't wait to see what extra efficiencies we can bring to Flybe and other commercial airlines. (Also featured on UK Aviation News)

digital aircraft manuals

Find out more about our EFB for airlines & aviation software...

Are you a commercial airline, charter, private or cargo aviation business looking to implement the right flight dispatch software or an electronic flight bag solution? 

We are always developing the skybook aviation software to meet the demands of each type of aviation company.

Book a demo now for our skybook software or email and find out how we can help make your airline operations digital and paperless.


By Dan Cook | 18 Jan 2022

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