By Shane Spencer | 02 May 2019

EFF or EFB – What do they mean in aviation?

The Electronic Flight Bag is nothing new, with many different solutions on the market and a constant stream of new versions being launched, operators can be forgiven for not knowing which way to turn. 

You can find out what efb means in aviation and the differences between EFF or EFB in these two seperate articles to assist in your research:

To quickly summarise what these mean in aviation, the EFB is a general term for the ipad or device that is used to replace paper-based briefings, flight documents, navigation logs and manuals.

Whereas the EFF refers to all the integrated data that goes into the EFB apps to be filled in such as the flight briefings, digital airline forms and flight phase data input.

The EFB app & EFF 

Our EFB ipad app known as skybook was created out of both industry needs and the needs of our loyal clients, not in a bid to keep up with the wider marketplace. 

Using our class leading data feed to create an intuitive, user friendly application that is a true streamlined companion for pilots and aircrews; allowing them to easily view their flight plans and complete the EFF forms for their journey.

efb and eff tablet device for commercial aviation pilots

Sounds good... but why is this EFB different?

Our electronic flight bag ipad app has been engineered to deliver a user experience that is second to none, giving flight crews mobile access to our comprehensive digital briefing packs, class leading flight charts, unique airfield situational awareness and more. 

It’s not all one-way traffic either as skybook also features a Journey Log module that allows flight crew to record actual data during each phase of a flight.


This provides an accurate insight into costs incurred, delays experienced, inflight incidents and most importantly the ability to record data against each waypoint to create a comparison showing how the flight performed against the flight plan. 

skybook is a proven EFB and EFF solution in active use by our aviation clients all over the world and our app takes the offering to the next level.

It is modular and versatile offering a range of comprehensive solutions to suit your budget, that can help to modernise flight dispatch, crew briefing and airfield monitoring across all aviation sectors. 

Want to learn more?

If you'd like learn more about our EFB or EFF offering, get in touch here, or why not learn more about the skybook aviation cloud.

Be sure to subscribe and watch one of our EFB webinars.


By Shane Spencer | 02 May 2019

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