By Dan Cook | 31 May 2024

How does electronic flight bag contribute to fuel efficiency?

In this article I will outline how an electronic flight bag (EFB) can significantly contribute to improving fuel efficiency.

Real-Time Weather and Route Optimisation

Certain EFBs provide pilots with real-time weather updates and interactive weather route charts, allowing for dynamic route adjustments.

A comprehensive selection of Wx briefing charts such as significant weather, SIGMET and vertical profile; provides an increased situational awareness so that flights can avoid adverse weather conditions and take advantage of more favourable tailwinds, which can lead to reduced fuel consumption.

EFB’s also have the capability to integrate Wx and route data from the flight plans into other aviation charting applications, which saves any manual input for the pilots.

pilot in cockpit with weather briefing map on electronic flight bag

Fuel Performance Calculations

EFBs can perform complex performance calculations quickly and accurately. Such as determining the most efficient takeoff and landing fuel settings, which can reduce fuel burn during these critical phases of flight.

Including other calculations such as last minute change or weight & balance, ensuring that the aircraft is loaded in the most efficient manner. An efficient aircraft load with the help of EFB calculations, can reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency.

Fuel data input

With the aviation industry aiming to be more sustainable, fuel data is a high priority to keep track of and can be used post-flight for analysing individual aircraft or the entire fleet.

Some EFB’s can be tailored to include as much or little fuel information such as: landing fuel, fuel uplift, density, arrival, fuel used, planned fuel usage and much more; depending on the requirements of the airline.


Paper reduction on flight deck

Replacing heaps of traditional paper charts, briefing information and flight manuals with one single electronic flight bag device, contributes to weight reduction within the cockpit.

Every pound of weight saved contributes to fuel efficiency over the duration of a flight, and gives the pilot more headspace to focus on the flight phases.


Efficient Flight Planning

EFBs can streamline the flight planning process by providing up-to-date and interactive flight plans, that can include data for current air traffic, weather conditions, filtered NOTAMs and aircraft performance. This can lead to more direct routes and less time spent in the air, both of which contribute to fuel efficiency.

Reduction of Dispatch Errors

By providing a centralised platform for dispatchers and flight operations officers, EFBs reduce the likelihood of dispatch errors. Accurate and efficient dispatching ensures that flights are planned with the most current and relevant information, avoiding unnecessary fuel consumption due to incorrect planning.

Communication is also improved, with the ability to provide flight watch for any weather or critical updates.

Fuel Efficiency Reports & Analytics

Post-flight, some EFBs can sync fuel data analytics to their supporting ground system, which can automatically generate detailed reports on fuel usage and route performance. Allowing airlines to analyse KPIs and identify any areas for improvement.

These fuel insights can be used to adjust future flight plans and operational procedures to further enhance fuel efficiency.
efb fuel data analysis

Summary of EFB fuel efficiency

EFBs contribute to fuel efficiency through improved flight planning, real-time data integration, fuel calculations and post-flight fuel analysis.

By leveraging the full capabilities of EFB technology, airlines can achieve significant fuel savings, contributing to more sustainable aviation practices and increased airline profits.

Hopefully, this blog has clarified how an electronic flight bag can enhance a flight's fuel efficiency. Want to learn more about how the skybook EFB can benefit your operations?


By Dan Cook | 31 May 2024

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